Live video monitoring is an effective tool for crime prevention. The global video surveillance market is expected to generate $74.6 billion in revenue by 2025. Live video monitoring outsourcing covers all of the security surveillance needs of commercial offices, from installation to implementation. Video surveillance for commercial offices works closely with their business clients to develop the best commercial video surveillance system that suits their needs and budgets.

When businesses outsource CCTV monitoring for commercial offices, they can detect anything from the ordinary and deal with it real-time. The faster the response, the better are the chances of limiting any crime that could fault your business. When criminals see the live monitoring video cameras installed in offices, they are forced to reconsider entering the premises.

Outsourcing allows you to be at the forefront of security arrangements. There is more to commercial video monitoring outsourcing than round-the-clock surveillance, cost-effectiveness, and expert guidance; let’s dig deeper and learn more.

There are several benefits of outsourcing your live surveillance:

Monitor Employee Behavior:

A commercial office employs many people and finds it difficult to keep track of their activities. Employees are, after all, humans, and they are likely to behave differently in patterns and habits. For example, they may be using the office premises for illegal activities, failing to follow strict office rules, engaging in any criminal behavior, and so on. Outsourced expert operators can easily detect this human behavior on live monitoring cameras using real-time video analytics. Preventing illegal activity on office grounds boosts productivity in business functions.

Faster Response:

In case a violation occurs in real-time, the faster the law enforcement agency arrives to stop it, the higher the arrest rate. This also allows for the recovery of stolen property. Because outsourced live video monitoring operators collaborate with police administration, their practiced collaboration benefits both parties.

Real-time Intervention:

Businesses that outsource video monitoring for commercial purposes receive more than just a video monitoring facility. Outsourcing service providers will provide camera feeds and intervene if any unusual activity occurs within your office. In the event of employee misconduct, the outsourced live monitoring teams can direct action. Sexual harassment on the floor, for example, can be stopped right away. You can later decide what activities you want to take against the offender. It even keeps outbound intruders from stealing your important data, laptops, or computers.

Prevent Employee Theft:

The ability to review conversations aids in the development of long-term relationships and the successful advancement of contacts. Because of the way data theft by outsiders has become a problem, employees’ data theft has become an even more difficult problem to deal with. Office operations are not solely in the hands of one person. The data moves up and down the management pyramid. Even if you trust your employees, you can’t rule out the possibility of someone inserting a pen-drive into the system and poaching the customers’ sensitive information.

Several people have lost money due to such incidents, and many businesses have been forced to close. Instead of looking for the footage and going to the cops, the outsourced monitoring team stops this act and catches them red-handed. It might get too late by then, and the data may have already been compromised.

Cut Expenses:

Hiring a large number of security staff executives will undoubtedly cost you a lot of money and resources, but outsourcing providers can help you avoid these extra costs. To be realistic, the security guard can only physically protect the office from the outside, which does not provide 100 percent of the necessary surveillance.

Customer satisfaction is critical to revenue and business growth success. And it isn’t easy to keep customers satisfied these days if you don’t use contact management and CRM software to manage your interactions with them. There is a lot over which they have no control. Outsourcing saves you money on hiring additional security personnel and allows you to focus your resources on core business activities.


You can have peace of mind with the knowledge of your confidential business data, and other commercial properties are appropriately monitored, live, and around-the-clock, with live video monitoring outsourcing for enterprises. Live video surveillance services that are correctly outsourced keep you combat-ready to deal with any unpleasant circumstances.

Think safe CCTV monitoring, think BlueEyes Monitoring.

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